We strongly believe that part of running a successful business is to try to make a difference in our community. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we focus on the three following areas:

We support local technical education

We are fully aware of the importance of a quality technical education in today’s world. For that reason we have decided to partner with two main local technical schools in order to support young talented students. Every year, as part of our partnership with OPOLE UNIVERSITY of TECHNOLOGY , several of its students take part in our 4-week internship program. We have also co-funded, designed and manufactured the school’s Control System Training Stations at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
At the secondary education level we are a sponsor of Robotics School Team of the Technical Secondary School of Opole, and Opole Region Interschool Robotics Ligue . We really glad we can support the young and very talented robot aficionados of the Robotics Ligue.

We strive to be a great company to work for

We take great pride in our team, we also know that it takes people to make our business successful .
Our team is made up of hard-working, motivated and passionate professionals, who work hard everyday. We are aware, however, that professional career, although very important, is only a part of our everyday lives. That’s why we sponsor our employees sport activities, family events and integrative company trips. We also offer a rich internal and external training programs, and university tuition participation program.

We support many charity organizations

We always remember about those less fortunate. We support worthy causes either through various charity organizations or directly.